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2012 Cookbook
2012 Cookbook "Bread" Color
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Availability: Please allow up to 7 days for orders to be shipped. Orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail from Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Distributed by ArtSite Design for Pandemonium Hill.

Product Description

The 2012 cookbook contains recipes for breads including Sour Dough, Tortillas, Pita, and Sweet & Savoury Tart doughs.

It also includes recipes to use with the various types of bread featuring breakfast burritos, tomato or swiss chard tarts, and the lunch of champions, Zombie Rolls.

Some of the recipes are of our own creation, and others been adapted from on-line recipe resources.

The color cookbook is mailed in the raw without an envelope unless you order multiple copies.

Don't need a hard copy, download a free PDF copy here.